KENZO is bold, spontaneous, surprising. KENZO WORLD celebrates diversity, freedom of thought & self-expression. KENZO WORLD, see the world your way.

KENZO WORLD WOMAN Margaret Qualley - the KENZO woman - is never out of breatge to see the world her way. Margaret Qualley exudes elegance while moving to a diabolical tempo in a flamboyant green dress created by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. With a cavalcade of back flips through a series of corridors, she gives a bold performance that captivates with each move, exuding raw, provocative energy.



KENZO WORLD’S FLORAL BURST A fragrance created by KENZO WORLD Francis Kurkdjian. As a forerunner, Francis Kurkdjian dared to mix genres, styles, materials. He created this fragrance like a real floral explosion, where each flower reveals a new facet. Peony, Jasmine, Ambroxan® blend together and create a sparkling fragrance and a stylish lingering aura.

The design

DARE TO SEE THE WORLD YOUR WAY Mysterious and fascinating when seen from the front or from above, the eye reveals itself from every angle. The striking bottle features black rubber, pink gold and opaline. The gommato cap inspired by the iconic KENZO Kalifornia bags, the precious detailing in pink gold metal from "THE EYE" jewelry collection and the feel of frosted glass... Everything recalls the mix-and-match of KENZO fashion.


A NEW FRAGRANCE FOR WOMEN BY CAROL LIM AND HUMBERTO LEON. A world in their image: bold, spontaneous, surprising, fun, colorful… A playful and dynamic fragrance... true to the KENZO spirit. Introducing, KENZO WORLD.